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Our servers are situated in Toowoomba Queensland Australia, Los Angeles California United States. Central to our plans is the expansion to every desirable location around the globe. Our powerful technology ensures minimal latency in all areas. If for some reason our location doesn't suit your needs, contact us to show us the interest exists and we will take further steps in expanding to your desired region.


With our massive and rapidly growing product range, one thing remains constant throughout; Absolutely no compromise on quality for our clients. The reliability, efficiency and sheer speed of our servers are the heart of our hosting operation. Our choice of hardware is key in this aspect. With other providers price considerations sometimes take precedence, meaning they rely on products that may be unsuitable for servers. Our servers however are always made out of high-quality, expensive components. So that our hardware always meets these high quality standards we rely on well known brand names. No generic hardware/components has been or ever will be used at CodeRedHosting.

Company Ethic

Here At CodeRedHosting, we base our offering on several principles. We believe that hosting teamspeak servers should be free, have support staff who thrive on helping clients, top of the market hardware that can rival any company put in front of us and a more personal experience for the customer. Customer satisfaction is a priority at CodeRedHosting. We uphold a reputation for absolute quality of service.

Our Goals

Expansion is key in our minds. If something isn't growing, it's dead. That's how we look at our services. We are always working to provide as wide an array of feature filled services as possible. If there's a service that we do not yet provide, don't hesitate to leave a suggestion.

Our Promise

By choosing CodeRedHosting, you choose quality of service. Our staff will provide a timely and personal customer support experience to effectively resolve your problems. Rest assured you are in safe hands with us. We're not happy if you're not having the best experience possible.

Contact Us:

AU Phone Support: 0746133544

US Phone Support: 4087135161

Sales Email: [email protected]

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